July 2016 Update

Production through June 2016


We completed the maintenance on Castle Peak #2 to try to improve its overall performance. (see previous update for photos and details)

Baker-Hughes and our engineer did a study of our paraffin situation and we are following their recommendation to treat the well once a quarter. Due to unusually wet weather, it took 31 days to complete this maintenance. We also replaced the pump as it had failed. You will find production through June below.  As of June 7th the well was put back on production.

We are waiting to hear what options we have in the form of a stimulation study and recommendations from Halliburton and our engineer to determine the potential for increasing production via reservoir stimulation. We will follow up when we have reports/commercial viability information from them.

June 2016 water1

June 2016 oil1


If you have any questions, please contact Jim Stelzer at (800) 928-6964 x102