Summit Source Funding Overview

Summit Source Funding LLC develops, manages and funds business ventures specific to the exploration and production of helium and hydrocarbons that are essential in the supply chain of numerous technological and scientific applications. 

Aligning with the industry’s leading strategic partners, Summit Source Funding LLC works relentlessly to discover and develop new opportunities throughout North America; striving to produce superior results.



Only qualified accredited investors may participate in Summit Source Funding LLC  high growth potential business ventures and opportunities. Selected investor partners diversify with alternatives to standard investments. Summit Source Funding LLC creates long lasting relationships with accredited investors seeking to optimize success.

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  • Ownership in Mineral Rights and How to Profit as an Investor

  • How Private Investors Can Invest Directly in Helium Extraction and Production

  • Significant Tax Advantages for Investors

  • How Return on Investments are Earned When Participating

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By submitting your information above, you acknowledge that you are an accredited invest.  Which the SEC defines as an individual with income over $200,000 (or joint income with your spouse of more than $300,000) in each of the past two years and reasonably expect to reach the same level in the current year, and/or have an individual net worth in excess of $1,000,000 excluding value of primary residence. Your communication and email address is strictly confidential with Summit Source Funding LLC.

Uses of Helium

An essential element in modern society

* Semiconductors are used in making microprocessors, which are used in all computerized devices
** MRI machines must have helium to operate. A single MRI machine uses 10,000 liters of helium.
*** NMR = Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
**** Includes weather balloons, blimps, party balloons, and gas chromatography
Source/Credit: IHS Chemical, U.S. Geological Survey 2011

Our Approach

Investor Partnerships

  • Our approach is to maximize profits to investors.  Summit Source Funding LLC has ownership and is the Managing General Partner in the business ventures that the accredited investors participate in. This structure keeps operational and administrative overhead down to help maximize investor profits.

  • We pursue and offer projects that have successfully passed our evaluation process based on return potential, risk factors, tertiary benefits and quality of stakeholders.

  • Summit Source Funding LLC is focused on developing long-term relationships with select accredited investors partners.

Helium usage semiconductor

Helium is essential in technology we use everyday including computer hardware.

Business Ventures

  • To evaluate business opportunities, Summit Source Funding LLC applies our process for selecting and developing ventures. Our approach is rooted in extensive research, practical insights, data-driven analysis, strategic partnerships and advanced technology


Helium is used in the supply chain for manufacturing smart phones.

Our Values

  • Summit Source Funding LLC believes in transparency of the risk of participating in high return investments. It is important that investors understand that business ventures carry various degrees of risk.  It could be possible to lose your entire investment.

  • That is why we build the team around “A Players” and only the best strategic partners that adhere to the highest standards of compliance, safety, environmental practices and principles –  the Summit Source Funding LLC team is only as good as our people.  Our strategic partners, employees and affiliates have deep knowledge and expertise in their specialties and use proven methods to improve the probability of success.

  • Summit Source Funding LLC’s success is defined not only in its business metrics, but also in its service to the community and country.

Summit Source Funding Values

Culture of Excellence

At our core, Summit Source Founding LLC is rooted in the relentless pursuit of excellence.  Therefore, we look for opportunities for sustained results, strategic partnerships with proven track records and investor relationships that are sustained for the long term. Achieving this takes a culture of excellence:  perpetually investing time and  resources in our people, our partners and our investors.