Summit Source Funding Overview

Summit Source Funding LLC develops, manages and funds business ventures specific to the exploration and production of helium and hydrocarbons that are essential in the supply chain of numerous technological and scientific applications. 

Aligning with the industry’s leading strategic partners, Summit Source Funding LLC works relentlessly to discover and develop new opportunities throughout North America; striving to produce superior results.

Only qualified accredited investors may participate in Summit Source Funding LLC  high growth potential business ventures and opportunities. Selected investor partners diversify with alternatives to standard investments. Summit Source Funding LLC creates long lasting relationships with accredited investors seeking to optimize success.

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  • Ownership in Mineral Rights and How to Profit as an Investor

  • How Private Investors Can Invest Directly in Helium Extraction and Production

  • Significant Tax Advantages for Investors

  • How Return on Investments are Earned When Participating

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Uses of Helium

An essential element in modern society

Chart by Visualizer

Usage Percentage
Space Launch Vehicles 18
Semiconductors & Fiber Optics * 18
Welding 13
MRI ** 22
NMR & Other Superconductors *** 10
Leak Detection 4
Breathing Mixtures 2
Other **** 13
* Semiconductors are used in making microprocessors, which are used in all computerized devices
** MRI machines must have helium to operate. A single MRI machine uses 10,000 liters of helium.
*** NMR = Nuclear Magnetic Resonance
**** Includes weather balloons, blimps, party balloons, and gas chromatography
Source/Credit: IHS Chemical, U.S. Geological Survey 2011