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When youre trying out a web hosting service, its ideal to have hassle free refund options.So, if youre going through an upgrade or rebuilding and your hostings been a big hassle, then always check out an up front no-quibble, no-wait, quick resolution. Plus, unlike a websites creator who might be trying to make his or her income off the back of your investment, not every websites owner wants to be in the business of suing you! Here are some of the best, most commonly requested refund options available to you!
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Cloud Server Backup

Once you install your new WordPress site, you have the option to backup your site to your Cloud Server. The price will vary depending on your region, but you will typically pay less than half of what you would to have everything synced to your home machine.
If you’re still looking for some nice WordPress hosting suggestions, you can also visit our ” Best WordPress Hosting Features and Best WordPress Hosting Plans ” page, which is chock full of options and features, such as a knownhost dedicated-server which is good for WordPress and not Worpress sites.

Free Hosting Icons

In addition to having a nice looking website, a WordPress site also has some useful functionality that people may need. One such feature that people often rely on is the use of WordPress themes, which can be downloaded from These themes usually come with some customizations or additional free extras to help make your site as awesome as it can be. It’s also worth mentioning that you can find pretty nice and user-friendly themes and themes based off popular or local themes.
Most people should keep their old sites for the time being, as they might be more useful to other people. However, it’s pretty nice to have the option to move your old site to WordPress, since it would be safer and more stable than trying to get it hosting elsewhere. Plus, the support for WordPress is always a big plus for most of the people I know who chose WordPress.

Wine Server

The wonderful thing about WordPress is that it can run on pretty much anything. Since most websites are built with HTML5, you can try running your site on a browser like Chrome or Firefox. There are even a number of plugins available to convert your site into a Flash and HTML5 compliant site that you could run on a mobile device or mobile browser.
One other thing you should consider when you’re getting started with a new WordPress website is the limitations and requirements. Make sure that the machine you use to host your site meets the minimum requirements that WordPress has to run. For instance, if your browser doesn’t support Flash or Flash doesn’t run the way you want, then you’re pretty much out of luck. However, if you’re willing to go the extra mile to make sure that it’s up to snuff, then it’s possible to get WordPress running on your existing machine. And if you have trouble getting your old website running on any computer, then you can always try installing a WordPress plugin called WordPress Multi-Site Builder to run it on multiple machines.

Oil tops $53 to settle at highest level in a week

Oil futures settled at their highest in a week on Tuesday, with talk of a potential output cut from the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries and expectations for a decline in U.S. production combining to lift prices for the U.S. crude benchmark above $53 a barrel.

Crude for delivery in May CLK5, -0.73% climbed $1.38, or 2.7%, to settle at $53.29 on the New York Mercantile Exchange. The settlement was the highest since April 7 and marked a fourth straight session climb. May Brent crude on London’s ICE Futures exchange, which expires Wednesday, UK:LCOK5 rose 50 cents, or 0.9%, to $58.43 a barrel.

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OPEC leader: Oil could shoot back to $200

Right now the oil market is totally focused on finding a bottom for oil prices. However, according to OPEC’s Secretary-General Abdulla al-Badri we’ve already hit bottom.

Not only that, but he sees a real possibility that oil prices could explode higher to upwards of $200 per barrel in the future. He’s far from the only one that sees a return of triple-digit oil prices.

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Has oil finally made its low?

In case you were on a submarine below the Arctic ice for the past 12 months, the decline in oil prices has been the financial news story of 2014 and continues to dominate headlines in 2015. Everyone is looking for a low, and the recent action has raised questions of whether or not we have found it.

The combination of the fracking boom in the U.S., an unrestrained OPEC and slowing global economies has produced a world oil glut. The result? Oil prices dropping by 57% in just the last seven months to their lowest levels since the great recession.

The story is primarily a supply one. Oil supplies in the U.S. hit a fresh record high last week at 413.06 million barrels. EIA crude stocks are 54.975 million barrels above year ago levels.

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Cramer’s two signs that oil’s bottomed already

Now that the price of crude has rebounded back up to $52, Jim Cramer wants to know whether black gold has reached a rally that is sustainable, or will it make a staggering decline back down into the $40s?

“That is a huge question for this market, especially since the make-or-break point for so many oil companies is roughly $45 a barrel, just $8 below the current price of crude,” said the “Mad Money” host.

To find the answer, Cramer turned to Carolyn Boroden, a technician who is a colleague of Cramer’s at

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Amid oil slide, some OPEC members pine for production cuts

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch)—Not all oil-rich countries are created equal. That is why the pain of plunging oil is hurting some oil-dependent economies harder than others. So, it isn’t a surprise that some members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries are hoping for an emergency meeting.

The Financial Times on Monday reported that members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries have discussed holding an emergency meeting, if crude-oil prices continue to slide.

On Tuesday, Bloomberg, citing an unidentified source, reported that there have been no concrete plans to hold an emergency meeting, but it is easy to see the desire for oil-soaked nations to begin pushing for cuts in OPE production.

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Here’s Why the U.S. Oil Production Glut Hasn’t Occurred

The U.S. oil production glut many analysts anticipated hasn’t occurred and senior contributor Dan Dicker tells TheStreet’s Joe Deaux this isn’t a surprise. Dicker says WTI crude won’t be headed toward $80 a barrel and says this year, unlike 2013, investors should focus on exploration and production companies for value in the energy space.

Cyberthreat Landscape

The cyberthreat landscape is vast and constantly evolving. Cybercriminals often learn of vulnerability and exploit to exploit a new vulnerability after it is already in the wild. As a result, vulnerability scanning can help locate vulnerabilities in systems and mitigate the impact of a malware infection, go here to learn how you can protect yourself from these attacks.

First of all, if your website is not registered as a website with at least one SSL certificate (with a valid code signature) a user can browse freely through your domain in any browser, including those with a policy disallowing unrestricted connections. In some cases a browser may fail to check the authenticity of the connection and issue an incorrect, unauthorized, or unauthorized response.

For example, when trying to view the YouTube page, a Chrome browser that has a policy disallowing all non-secure connections will display the warning “Secure connections:” as the connection attempt completes. The browser also displays the incorrect response “SSL error.” When connecting to a website, an attacker can see the connection attempt before completing it.

Second, the very fact that there is a vulnerability may be a significant source of concern for the web site owner or administrator. Attackers may attempt to exploit vulnerabilities before there is a patch available or to use a vulnerability as a stepping stone into a more valuable or profitable attack, such as the infiltration of a system by a spyware program. This is where vulnerability scanning can help, since it takes minutes to identify a problem before a patch can be provided or it can alert administrators to potential problems or vulnerability issues.

The next step for vulnerability scanning is to evaluate the likelihood of a security vulnerability being exploited by a threat actor. One important requirement of a security vulnerability scan is to have an agreed upon percentage of of exploited vulnerabilities. This allows the organization to spend its resources in finding and responding to an actual security vulnerability, without having to respond to all potential risks.

The more possible vulnerabilities an organization can assess, the more likely it is to detect attacks before they occur. Also, this means a higher return on investment, since an attacker who identifies a vulnerability first has more opportunity to exploit it before a patch is available.

A security vulnerability scan can be performed by either a computer or a service. A computer scan includes installing known vulnerabilities and running a vulnerability scanner. A service scan takes advantage of common Web services that a website is vulnerable to and attempts to identify vulnerabilities. This process can be automated by using software called a vulnerability detector that runs on a browser. Another option is to use automated web service checkers, which can even detect vulnerabilities which are hidden in regular web pages.

The Case for the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

  • The tremendous success of the Investment Tax Credit for solar energy projects exemplifies the importance of stable policy for the private sector and reveals a high return on public investment in solar energy in terms of economic benefits, domestic job creation, energy security and lower costs for consumers.
  • In 2012, the U.S. solar industry installed more than 3,300 megawatts (MW) of solar capacity – an increase of 76% over 2011 – and currently employs nearly 143,000 American workers.  The average cost of a completed PV system dropped by 24 percent over the past year, and costs continue to fall.
  • In the face of a sluggish economy, the ITC provides market certainty for industry to continue making long-term investments in solar energy projects, U.S. manufacturing facilities and supply chain expansion.
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Tax Provisions Critical for American Independent Oil and Natural Gas Producers

As the American economy continues to struggle for recovery, policymakers and the public need to be aware of the key advantages available to our nation through increased domestic oil and natural gas production.

A recent Harris Interactive poll shows that American voters see great value in a strong domestic energy sector. Nine out of 10 respondents said that developing more domestic energy here in the U.S. is important, and 73 percent support increased domestic oil and natural gas production. <read more>