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Amid oil slide, some OPEC members pine for production cuts

SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch)—Not all oil-rich countries are created equal. That is why the pain of plunging oil is hurting some oil-dependent economies harder than others. So, it isn’t a surprise that some members of the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries are hoping for an emergency meeting. The Financial Times on Monday reported that members […]

Here’s Why the U.S. Oil Production Glut Hasn’t Occurred

The U.S. oil production glut many analysts anticipated hasn’t occurred and senior contributor Dan Dicker tells TheStreet’s Joe Deaux this isn’t a surprise. Dicker says WTI crude won’t be headed toward $80 a barrel and says this year, unlike 2013, investors should focus on exploration and production companies for value in the energy space.

The Case for the Solar Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

The tremendous success of the Investment Tax Credit for solar energy projects exemplifies the importance of stable policy for the private sector and reveals a high return on public investment in solar energy in terms of economic benefits, domestic job creation, energy security and lower costs for consumers. In 2012, the U.S. solar industry installed […]

WTI Crude Rises to Highest Level of 2014 on Growth Signs

West Texas Intermediate crude rose to the highest level of 2014 after data showed that increased consumer spending boosted the U.S. economy. Prices advanced 0.9 percent. Gross domestic product of the world’s biggest oil-consuming country grew at a 3.2 percent annualized pace in the fourth quarter, the Commerce Department said. WTI also gained as cold […]

Global Crude Oil Prices

Brent crude oil spot prices averaged between $108/bbl and $112/bbl for the sixth consecutive month in December 2013 at $111/bbl. EIA expects the Brent crude oil price to weaken as non-OPEC supply growth exceeds growth in world consumption. The Brent crude oil price is projected to average $105/bbl and $102/bbl in 2014 and 2015, respectively. […]

4 reasons why environmentalists are wrong about energy

America’s oil and gas boom has the potential to jump-start the economy by lowering consumers’ energy costs and attracting energy-intensive manufacturing in search of low-cost energy. The oil boom has come about despite, not because of, government policies. Here are four energy wishes for 2014, and four rebuttals to those who want America to focus […]

Goldman to Oil Market: U.S. is New China

The oil market is on the cusp of a new cycle, Goldman Sachs (GS) said on Friday, with demand in the United States growing at a faster pace than in emerging economies such as China and India for the first time in a decade. That’s likely to have profound implications for how oil markets operate, […]

Solar 15% Returns Lure Investments From Google to Buffett

“Solar is now bankable,” Harris said. “When solar was perceived as more risky it required a premium,” and now it’s “becoming part of a much broader capital market.” Long-term power-purchase contracts are the key to making solar a reliable investment, Harris said. Utilities in sunny states such as California, Arizona and Nevada have agreed to […]

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